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I don't own anything except for OC's.

Some Peerage members will be from other anime or games so yeah. Just pointing it out there.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game takes place in the year 2051, where Black Rock Shooter is awoken from slumber and enters a futuristic battlefield where alien forces have invaded the Earth and have been terrorizing the planet for 19 years. She must fight off the aliens, while also trying to regain her memories.

Ten days from first meeting the Zagan Clan and it was now the day where Matthew and his peerage would fight Raiser and his peerage for marrying Rias Gremory, heiress of the Gremory Clan. It was also the day where he would reveal himself to the Underworld. Sure he was noticed back when he was a kid, but he didn't really say his real family name. He would just stick with false last names when meeting other people and such.

They were in the Underworld, waiting for Raiser Phenex, Rias Gremory and Sirzechs Lucifer to join them where he could finally drop the Z-Bomb on everyone in the Underworld. And Sirzechs might broadcast that to the other Factions.

'Are they here yet?' Asked a man dressed in a Victorian-era suit, He seems to be in his late 20's and was using a stone to sharpen a knife.

'No, Jack. They ain't here yet.' Matthew replied and Jack pouted.

'But you said that they'd be here alreadyyyy.' Jack childishly said which made Matthew roll his eyes.

'They will, just wait for it. If it helps, Raiser's queen might be your type.' the King said which made Jack jump in joy.

'Yey! More women to kidna-ahhh, date. Yes, date. I will date the shit out of her!' Jack said when he saw Matthew narrow his eyes.

Matthew sighed and thought about why he made Jack the Ripper his pawn. I mean, yeah he was a tough motherfucker that used up all of his pawn pieces, but still. He acts like the damn Joker sometimes. And his obsession with females does not help.

'So this'll be for your girlfriend right?' a feminine voice said that made Matthew look at her. She was just reaching twenty, had black hair that was braided, yellow glowing eyes, a very voluptuous body and was wearing a black corset over her red long sleeved shirt with black bracers, black jeans and black boots with a cape with a hood.

'I told you, she's not my girlfriend Serana!' Matthew yelled which made Serana chuckle. She was a vampire, a very rare kind of vampire to boot. Matthew had made her into his bishop when he helped her with her… family problems.

'But you will marry her, yes?' A gruff voice stated.

'If we win Castor, then yes.' Matthew replied which made Castor nod his head and told another man, who looked like him except for having blonde hair instead of black.

'See, Polydueces? Matthew's getting married.' Castor said which made Polydueces chuckle.

'Our King is getting married! A feast must be prepared!' He said which made Castor sweatdrop.

'Of course, brother. But we need to win this 'Rating Game' before any feast begin.' Castor said, which made Matthew sigh in relief. Polydueces was a good guy, don't get him wrong, but those feasts took hours to end.

Castor was Matthew's rook, he had found him when he and his brother, Polydueces were adventuring over Europe. He had made Castor his rook and Polydueces his knight.

'I just can't wait for them to see my beautiful voice!' A woman said. She had blueish purple hair and eyes, a very voluptuous body and wore a dress with blue and white ruffles covering it with a moon hair clip with a flower connected to it.

'Of course, Miku, of course.' Matthew encouraged her which made her eyes shine. 'Oh Dear Maou…'

'But I will sing just for you, darling.' She flirted while Matthew simply sent her a forced smile. Miku Izayoi was a woman who had a very special voice. And I mean very special. Which made Matthew turn her into his second bishop. But the flirting was…tolerable. To a point.

'Let's just hope we win, okay?' another woman said and Matthew smiled at her.

Young Black Jack Neko Miku Lyrics

'We will, Tokha. We will.' He replied. The woman known as Tokha had purple hair and eyes, she wore a black corset which showed some cleavage, a skirt which had a pink to white gradient, a pair of gauntlets that had petalish cuffs that was purple and black boots. She was carrying a very big sword on her back and was Matthew's second rook. He had found her shortly after he found Miku.

Neko Miku Com

'Has anyone seen Damien?' Conner asked which mostly received negative responses. Matthew however had told the group that he'll be here shortly. Damien Aulice was Matthew's second Knight. He had found him when his village was under attack from terrorists.

Suddenly, a red magic-circle had appeared and out came 6 shadows. Matthew recognized the symbol and thought 'Looks like the Gremory's are here.'

When the light had faded, it showed Rias and her peerage looking at them. 'Their power…' Rias thought when she first saw them, their power had strongly outmatched hers.

'So, boss, can I date the redhead?' Jack had said which made them all sweatdrop.

'Well, you could. But Sirzechs might kill you because we all know what your definition of 'date' is.' Matthew replied which made Jack pouted.

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'But bosssss she's ho-'

'I said no, Jack. And it's final.'

'Oh? Getting territorial now Matthew?' Serana said which made the King look at her with a deadpan expression.

'How many times Serana. She's not my girlfriend!'

'I didn't say girlfriend. I just said you're getting territorial.' That statement made Matthew freeze in place. '…Son of a bitch.'

'…I fell right into that one, didn't I?'

'Yes you did, Matthew. Yes you did.'


They all laughed while Matthew just sighed with a small smile. 'At least we ain't just all serious in here.' He thought.

Then three magic-circles had appeared on the ground. One was orange. The Phenex's. The other red. Sirzech Lucifer had arrived as the same time as Raiser's. And the last was blue. Matthew guessed that this must be the Sitri House.

16 shadows had appeared on the orange one while 6 had appeared with the red one. And out came Riaser and his peerage and Sirzechs Lucifer with Grayfia, Lord Gremory, Lady Venelana of the Gremory, Lord Phenex and Lady Phenex. The Blue one had 4 shadows and out came Sona Sitri, Tsubaki Shinra, her Queen, and Lord and Lady Sitri.

When Lord Phenex had seen Matthew, he smirked. 'So kid, still finish fast?'

'…sup, KFC.'

They both had smirks on their faces while staring intensely and each other. Sirzechs had raised an eyebrow while the others were getting ready for a fight to break out except for Matthew's Peerage, Grayfia, Sirzechs and the Lords and Ladies of each House. And both men had done something they all did not expect to happen. They laughed.

'Hahaha! Been a while eh kid?'

'Two years, Lord Phenex. It's nice to see you again.'

'You too, kid.'

They shook hands and looked at the others.

'So, what's up?' Matthew said and Sirzechs had answered.

'Well, we will be having a Rating Game as prepared ten days ago. We will also be revealing your Family Heritage to the Underworld when we begin broadcasting the Game.'

'Okay then, so. Do we start now or?' Matthew asked and Sirzechs looked at Raiser for an answer. The blonde had nodded and smirked. 'This brat's going down.'

'Then we will begin. The Game will begin broadcasting as soon as you are both transported to the battlefield.' Both men nodded and a black magic-circle had appeared and one man emerged.

'Sorry I'm late.' The man said.

'Don't worry Damien, we're just about to start.' Matthew replied and both parties were sent to the battlefield while the others had gone to the viewing room.

When they were sent to the battlefield, Matthew and Conner had recognized the room as the Occult Research Club's clubroom. This meant that the battlefield would take place in Kuoh Academy.

'Hello everyone, I am Grayfia, maid of the Gremory household and I shall be the arbiter of this Rating Game between Matthew Zagan, heir to the Zagan House, and Raiser Phenex of the Phenex House. This Rating Game will decide who will gain the right to marry Rias Gremory of the Gremory House.' Grayfia has explained to them while Matthew thought that this was already being broadcast to the Underworld.

'Matthew zagan-sama's base is located at the Occult Research Club in the old school building while Raiser Phenex-sama's base will be the Student Council room in the new school building. For pawns who would like to be promoted,you will need to reach your enemy's territory'

Matthew had looked to the direction of the new school building. This Rating Game will be the one that'll give Matthew to chance to shine and show the Underworld that he shouldn't be taken as a weakling from an extinct clan.

'The match will begin in ten minutes. The Best of Luck to both parties.' Grayfia finished.

Then Matthew's peerage had gathered around him as Matthew told them the plan.

'Okay, so I want Castor and Polydueces to go to the gym as it was easy access to the new school building. Conner, I want you up in the skies and see if anybody goes to our base. We can't afford any pawns to be queens. Serana, set up some traps in the woods near the building then meet up with Castor and Polydueces. Miku, do your thing. Tokha, guard Miku if anybody goes to her. Damien, you'll be hanging here in case the traps weren't enough. Jack, you're with me.' They all nodded and had began mobilizing to their respective postions.


As Polydueces and Castor had reached the Gym, they went inside silently to scout out the inside. But that failed when they heard a voice saying,

'We know your there, Zagan's peerage. You can come out.'

Well, that plan went out the window.

Young Black Jack Neko Miku

They both went up to the main area of the gym, where they met up with four women for Raiser's peerage.

'I see, so there are only two of you. Anyway, I am Xuelan, Raiser-sama's Rook!' the woman said as she introduced herself. She wore a cheongsam, a blue qipao with gold accents and had her hair tied in two Chinese-style buns which made her look like Chun Li.

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'Ile and Nel, Raiser-sama's Pawns!' the twins with the chainsaws introduced themselves.

'My name is Mira, Raiser-sama's Pawn as well.' The girl with blue hair and a wooden staff said.

The brothers looked at each other and shrugged, might as well introduce themselves.

'Castor, Rook.'

'Polydueces, My King Matthew's Knight!'

After that, Xuelan stepped forward, cracking her knuckles.

'Now with that done, let's get this over with…' The rook said and put up a kung-fu stance.

Castor raised an eyebrow and told his brother, 'She's mine. Think you can take on the pawns?'

'Of course brother!' his brother said and pulled out his sword, Arondight. Sir Lancelot of the Knights of the Round Table's sword which had Holy Properties. Meaning that it'll hurt like a bitch to devils.

Raiser's rook and pawns had widened their eyes when they felt the light properties of the sword. But quickly got on guard for the attacks the Knight and the Rook will be dishing out.

Xuelan jumped to the air and sent a dropkick to Castor who dodged aside. He obviously knew that the rook was strong, especially with the enhanced strength of becoming a rook but with flaming fists and feet were just overkill which made Castor's jacket to be burned. 'And this was my favorite jacket!' He thought as he blocked a kick from his opponent and sent a tornado kick that landed of Xuelan's face.

Meanwhile Polydueces was dodging all three attacks from the pawns as the twins were wildly swinging their chainsaws and Mira accurately hitting her staff. The Knight had enough and had blocked all three strikes with his sword while their weapons had begun cracking. They all widened their eyes as Polydueces pushed their weapons away and slashed at each of them.

'Raiser-sama's 3 pawns, Retired.'

'All yours, brother!' The Knight told the Rook, said Rook was effectively ground and pound his opponent who was barely managing to block the attacks. Nobody can beat Castor when he gets you on the ground.

Castor sent a strong punch that connected to Xuelan's face that disoriented her, which gave Castor the opportunity to punch her all the way to Oblivion.

'Raiser-sama's Rook, Retired.'

Young Black Jack Neko Miku Wallpaper

And with that, the gym was officially Matthew's territory.

The entire viewing room was dead silent from the power and skill of Matthew's Knight and Rook.

'That sword…' Kiba was silently growling at Polydueces' sword, he always hated Holy Swords, but he was very impressed at the skill the Knight had.

'It wasn't even five minutes and they already took down four pieces…' Issei was in awe at the power shown while the rest had agreed with him.

'His Knight has a very special sword. Arondight…' Lord Gremory said.

'What do you mean otou-sama?' Rias asked.

'Arondight is the sword Sir Lancelot wielded, it has the power to be a Holy Sword or a Demonic one.' He explained which shocked everyone in the room except for the Lords and Ladies. And Sirzechs and Grayfia.

Young Black Jack Neko Miku 2017

'Matthew-kun certainly has a very powerful peerage. Hahaha, still can't believe that he gained them both.' Sirzechs commented.

And a large explosion was heard which gained their attention and saw the gym was covered in smoke created by said explosion. The screen looked upward and showed Yubelluna, Raiser's Queen hovering over the gym with her staff pointing towards said gym with a smirk on her face and Conner flying very fast towards her.

Well, that's the start of the Rating Game. My action scenes are pretty shitty, advice would be appreciated with those kinds of scenes.

Next chapter will be the majority of the Rating Game.

Here's Matthew's Peerage:

Matthew Zagan-King

Conner Chase-Queen

Bishop-Serana Volkihar (Elder Scrolls:Skyrim)

Sword Art Online Neko Miku

Bishop-Miku Izayoi (Date A Live/Diva Spirit)


Knight-Damien Aulice

Rook-Tohka Yatogami (Date A Live/Princess Spirit)


Pawn-Jack The Ripper (8 Pawn Pieces)

So Yeah. Again advice would be appreciated with the action sequences and romance sequences after this.

Please Review! Thanks!

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