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May 26, 2018 Today we answer the question, does which ram slots you use matter in modern systems in games Grab some ram here: Grab the z270 baord. Feb 29, 2016 I have a Compaq CQ58 with 4Gb RAM in a single SODIMM. I want to increase this to 8Gb - possible on this PC. However, when I add RAM to the upper of the two slots, the laptop powers up but refuses to boot.

The two (2) 4Gb RAM setup will be THEORETICALLY faster than a single 8Gb RAM setup, assuming your motherboard supports dual-channel memory architecture (most motherboards today do).
A single RAM stick would give you 64 bits of data channels to operate. That is, 8Gb of data will be pushed on a 64 bits wide channel.
A double RAM stick would give you 64*2 = 128 bits of data channels to operate. That is, 8GB of data will be pushed on a 128 bits wide channel.
The reference I found to be helpful is here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/1349-ram-how-dual-channel-works-vs-single-channel
You doubled the maximum theoretical bandwidth, therefore, you make data transfer faster. Much like the logic of vehicles flowing freely on a wider road than a narrower road. However, real-life performance gain varies from 0% to 20% when you look at reviews over the net. The site I quoted only specified a 3-5% performance gain, so maybe the first thing to consider is if it would be cheaper to buy two 4Gb cards or one 8Gb card.
Another consideration is the RAM slot. Your RAM slot may be unused for a long time, so it can already be clogged with dust, or some of the contacts may already be corroded, so the RAM stick may not work. From this point of view, it might be safer to use one 8Gb RAM stick so you can choose which slot is good. Or, better yet, test all your slots and see if all is working before you decide. If all the slots (or at least two slots) work, then use two 4GB RAM sticks.
The four (4) RAM slots your motherboard has, I presume, are grouped into two according to color. That simply means that the one pair is a dual-channel memory slot, and tho other pair is a dual channel memory slot. Using four (4) 2Gb RAM sticks will give you two (2) pairs of dual-channel memory, but that won't make a practical difference from using one pair of dual-channel memory. The practical difference is with regards to power consumption, since more components mean more power consumption and more heat, which can actually slow things down.

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Which ram slot for single stick

Which Slot For Single Ram Truck

While Zadak 511 might not be a brand you’re too familiar with, they have been around for a few years pushing out enthusiast grade overclocking memory. In a recent announcement by ASUS for their upcoming motherboards, Zadak 511 and G.Skill will be releasing 32GB Double capacity DIMMs, which they have been kind enough to share with us.

Zadak Announces New Shield DC Aura2 RGB DDR4 3200MHz Double Capacity 64GB (2X32GB) Memory Kits For Next-Gen Motherboards

The quick and dirty explanation is that, while Samsung has recently announced their 32GB DIMM technology, its quite a long way out, and for the enthusiast user who wants to get the Maximum capacity of RAM in their system while using motherboards with only two slots now will have the option of picking up one of ASUS’ new next-gen motherboards and a kit like this one, or live with 32GB of RAM.

While we aren’t certain of what the configuration is like exactly, I’d be willing to bet that it is dual-rank to get such a high capacity of RAM As for the kit itself, it features RGB (Not surprised) and will be marketed as the Zadak Shield Aura2 RGB. The kit comes in at 3200MHz at 1.35V and has timings that are set to CL14-14-14-34 which in all honestly very good for a module of this capacity since memory generally clocks and has worse timings the denser it is. The memory would likely be made with Samsung’s B-die memory which has been stacked as 16GB on both sides of the memory if it is dual-rank.

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The thing that stands out most about this kit that will likely cause issues in some systems is the fact that the memory is much taller than normal memory, which is because they, in order to accommodate the added memory chips, have expanded the height, which means that this could bebut not likely single sided.

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