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One of the most popular game shows in America, where in each game, three contestants spin the wheel, buy a vowel, solve the puzzle from a certain category, and win money. Cast Hosts - Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Announcers - Jack Clark (1983-1988), M.G. Kelly (1988-1989), Charlie O'Donnell. Jul 19, 1988  With Nicky Campbell, Steve Hamilton, Nick Raymond, Carol Smillie. A British version of the popular US show of the same name. In this game show, contestants are shown a word or phrase with the letters covered. They must spin a wheel marked with prizes and penalties for chances to win money by guessing the missing letters. The winner is the one who can guess the complete answer to the hidden. After you play Wheel of Fortune online, check out these interesting facts about the Wheel of Fortune TV show from Wikipedia: My high score in Wheel of Fortune The original version of the American game show Wheel of Fortune was created by Merv Griffin and aired on NBC from January 6, 1975 to June 30, 1989. Jan 06, 1975  Created by Merv Griffin. With Susan Stafford, Charlie O'Donnell, Chuck Woolery, Vanna White. Daytime version of the game show in which contestants.


Wheel Of Fortune Game Show 1980

Wheel Of Fortune Uk

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