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WSOP – Texas Holdem is an online room for playing poker against real opponents. There’s no need to download WSOP – Texas Holdem to your PC, as you can play with Facebook Gameroom or with your browser. But if you want to play it on your mobile, there is an app for that.

Graphics 8/10

Unlike online casinos offering slot machines too bright and colorful, WSOP looks moderate and stylish, This sort of game is a noble one, so the design is noble too. Deep blue hi-tech background highlights the green tables. The cards are small, but well readable. So are player profiles and the dealer’s comments. Though the screen space could have been redistributed to give more of it to the table, the game still looks good.

Sound 7/10

Thank you for no music! The developers realize that poker requires concentration, so there are only sounds that indicate game events. They are easily distinguishable, so even you look away from the screen, sounds will tell you what’s going on. And if you like music, you can turn on anything you like, but use an external player, please.

Gameplay 9/10

The way you play is similar to most online poker rooms. As you enter, you join a random game with random opponents and wait until the new round starts. Then you get dealt like others and join the game immediately. Like a decent poker room should, WSOP offers various rooms, with different bet limits.

/free-online-slots-cleo/. As such, it’s a sequential spot and technically has nine different reels spinning at the same time! It’s not as complicated as it sounds; all you need to do is focus on the 3×3 set, and the rest looks after itself. Because the base game can be quite lucrative, this slot keeps it simple when it comes to bonuses, offering just a basic free spins round.

The rules of the game are well known enough not to recollect them in this WSOP Texas Holdem review. It’s enough to say that the app offers both Texas Holdem and Omaha. You are supposed to know the rules, but there is still some assistance; for example, the combination you get is displayed directly to save your efforts.

As you register, you get 1 million chips. But it’s not as much as it seems, the minimal buy-in being 50.000. You can count on daily bonuses and giveaways, but if you’re not sure you’ll win, you better support yourself with investments. No matter if you’re training here before entering real poker rooms with real bets and money withdrawal, or you’re just having fun this way. The investments will bring you some good time, and the skill can replace the investments.

Texas Holdem Poker online, free download For Pc Free

Lasting Appeal 10/10

When speaking of such projects, we, first of all, mean the original game they’re drawn upon. And this time it’s one of the most popular card games mankind ever knew. So the app will be popular as long as it exists, we guess. It doesn’t take long to launch or join, and it’s always just one click away.

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The Verdict

It’s a decent poker game, the one that satisfies all the requirements. You cannot withdraw your funds from there, but it’s an entertaining project, so if you want to make real bets, there are other rooms. This one is for pure fun, and if you like it, you can download WSOP – Texas Holdem to your mobile or Facebook Gameroom.


Texas Holdem Poker online, free download For Pc Windows 7

  • Texas Holdem and Omaha tables;
  • Lots of players online at any given time;
  • Moderate interface;
  • Good sounds and no music.

Download Texas Holdem Poker Free


  • You can run out of chips soon;
  • If you like playing poker IRL, you’ll miss psychological nuances while playing online.

Graphics 8

Sound 7

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 10