Las Vegas is the home of great gambling and of great hotels, and Station Casinos is proud to boast the title of having the most hotels in Sin City. With ten different resorts, each one different from the last, Station Casinos have over 4,000 rooms available, all of which are affordable.

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Station Casinos offers players their Boarding Pass program to earn comps and cashback. Station Casinos include Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Santa Fe Station, Texas Station, Palace Station, Boulder Station, Sunset Station, Wildfire, Fiesta and Wild Wild West. All of these casinos target the locals market, although many of these properties offer hotels and comps to tourists. In fact, some of the best hotel and restaurant deals in Las Vegas can be found at these properties. Station Casinos properties also offer competitive blackjack games, often times better than Las Vegas Strip and downtown casino blackjack games. Every Station Casino resort offers 100% payback video poker and 10x craps as well.

The Boarding Pass offers players .3% cashback on most video poker and slot machines. These are earned at a rate of three points for every $1 wagered. One dollar in comps equals 1000 points. This includes video poker machines that pay back as much as 99.8%. This means that some machines have a positive payback after earning points. There are some video poker machines that pay back over 100% and only play .075% in comps. Heads Up Texas Hold’em also pays .075% in comps as do video version of table games.

Poker players also earn points at a rate of 1000 points per hour of live play. Sports bettors earn one point for every $5 wagered. Race book players earn points at a rate of one point for every $50 wagered. Sports and race players also have the added advantage that if they lose their ticket it can be traced back and paid provided the player uses their Boarding Pass when placing their wager.

How to Use Boarding Pass Comps

Comps may be used in a variety of ways. Players may go to a Boarding Pass kiosk and redeem points for free play, meals, free sports bets and free bingo cards. Points may also be used at the property’s hotel or at Station Casinos owned restaurants. Players simply present their card and the points are swiped off the card.

Players also receive offers by mail. Free slot play is awarded to players based on their action. Free slot play can be redeemed at any machine by placing the card in the reader and entering the PIN number for the card. Table game players also receive free bets based off of their average wager.

There are five tiers of player cards at Station Casinos. All players start at Preferred. Once a player earns 1000 tier points in a six month period they reach the Gold tier. A platinum player must earn 40,000 tier points in a six month period. A President player must earn 100,000, while the top tier Chairman card must earn 300,000 points in a six month period. A player maintains their tier through the six month period they played during as well as the following six month period. Tier points are earned at a rate of one point per $1 wagered.

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President and Chairman players receive special perks. These players that use their points will receive 50% off of buffets. These players also receive special parking privileges including cutting in line at valet and a private parking deck. Chairman players also receive line passes at all Station Casinos restaurants and limo access.

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Boarding Pass Dining Deals

Station Casinos Benefits

Station Casinos visitors that do not want to gamble might still want to sign up for a Boarding Pass. The Grand Café locations in Station Casinos offer specials to Boarding Pass members. These specials include monthly deals and special late night snacks at the 24 hour cafes. Other Station Casinos also offer deals that are exclusive to Boarding Pass members. These offers change monthly and are posted in mailers sent to players.

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