Top rated texas holdem sites. One of the features online gambling sites promote heavily is their lineup of games. Variety is prized – this class of gambler is used to having a wide selection of games available in different bet ranges, with a number of themes, a blend of penny games and more-expensive machines, options like progressive bets, and other features available at online and traditional casinos.

Since slot players like variety, it makes sense to avoid any of Apple’s iOS gadgets. That system is only available on whatever iPhones, iPod Touch devices, and iPad tablets Apple chooses to release. Android’s platform can be run on many brands of phone. If you have an HTC, Samsung, or some other phone, no big deal, they are all Android-compatible. Apple does a good job with hardware, but it can’t match the variety of gadgets produced by an entire industry of mobile hardware designers.

Another way that Android’s OS is a better match for the type of person that likes to play the one-armed bandit – more mobile gambling platforms are available (as of this writing) to people running some version of Android’s OS. It could be a a consequence of the differences between the two platform’s audiences.

Top Casinos with Real Money Android Slot Apps


There are now a lot of reputable casinos that have adapted their games for mobile. So you can now play slots on android as well as ipad, iphone and other smart phones and tablets. Android Apps for Slots. Another option to play slots on android phones and tablets is to look for an app.


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Slot Apps on Mobile Devices

Android customers have access to app downloads, allowing for better quality games from a bigger selection of casinos. Apple has a strict policy against apps that allow for real money betting (in most markets). The ability to choose between playing instantly or via an app on your phone on Android devices is another example of how Android gives mobile gamblers more variety. It’s also not a feature on most iOS devices thanks to Apple’s decision not to support Flash on its gadgets and to disallow the use of gambling apps.

How Do Android Games Compare to Other Slots

If a gambler is used to online slot play, Android casinos will be very familiar:

Players have the ability to choose between play-money or real cash bets, so you can practice new casino slot titles or learn to play another game like blackjack or baccarat.

Slot games apps android app

Versions of customer loyalty and bonus programs that traditional casino slot machine gamblers are used to are available at mobile casinos.

All reputable mobile slot sites will have a customer service department you can contact via phone, e-mail, or even Skype

There is some variety and variation among table games and slot titles. In time, all Android casinos will have a wider variety of games. Already, the larger casinos compatible with your Samsung Vitality or HTC DNA already have complete libraries of both casino favorites and games unique to their platform.

Customers at Internet casinos can transition easily to mobile slots if they use Android OS devices – some people who may be more comfortable on Windows-capable phones. The two platforms have a lot in common, and there are some features of online gambling that are better on some Windows phones. But besides Mac-fanatics or people who play a different type of casino game, few situations exist in which Android doesn’t outperform Apple.

The iPad has a larger screen, and some argue that the ability to heavily customize that tablet’s touch screen interface makes it a better machine for slot players. Mobile slots are all about convenience, and some casinos do a better job of imitating existing online gambling options than others.

The more Android devices come to dominate the smartphone and tablet markets, the more mobile platforms will cater to the Android audience. Slot gamblers should consider pairing their mobile gambling app or site with an Android-capable device for a greater variety of slot machines, casinos, and player options.


In the landscape of smartphone and mobile operating systems the two biggest names are Android and iPhone/iPad. Android fans and Apple fans square off, sometimes very publicly across social media platforms and on blogs – see sites like Apple Haters http://applehaters.blogspot.com/ or the Android Haters Facebook wall http://www.facebook.com/AndroidHaters for examples. In terms of the number of users, both platforms have about the same massive number of active systems on smartphones.

Android vs. Apple

On any given day, Android may have more phones in circulation while iOS has more reports of active usership, still Android-based system sales numbers indicate that they are on a steady climb toward outpacing the iPhone’s numbers for good. Fans of Android praise just about the same things that fans of iOS devices praise in their reviews – Android’s use of software releases with names like Ice Cream Sandwich (or any other of a half-dozen delicious releases in their portfolio) can be compared to the overall cuteness of the iPhone. Both phone operating systems are cute – why should slot players favor Android’s cute over Apple’s preciousness?