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Sep 28, 2018  Pada dasarnya referral sendiri merupakan seseorang yang Anda ajak untuk bisa bergabung menjadi member pada suatu agen tertentu yang mana Anda pomosikan dimana Anda juga merupakan seorang member disana. Jadi untuk bonus referral poker 88 sendiri adalah orang yang Anda akan begabung menjadi member di agen poker 88. I am sincerely thankful to you for visiting website of Laar Humanitarian and Development Programme (LHDP). Our website has been developed with a view to providing information about the organization and offering regular updates on key developments revolving around its mandate.

888 Poker is not only one of the biggest online poker rooms with a fairly high players’ traffic (notably, quite weak ones). It’s also the best choice for poker beginners. This is so not least since all new players can claim 888 poker free $88 registration bonus. The bonus gives everyone a chance to play online poker for real money and absolutely free at the same time. Right now the no deposit bonus is available only in a few poker rooms, however, 888 poker no deposit bonus is beyond competition (not only because of the bonus size, but also because of the clearing requirements and the simplicity of acquisition and activation procedures).

Sometimes poker beginners after finding out, that poker career can be started without personal money deposits, ask Google questions like “online 888 poker how to claim bonus $88 free for new players”, 'how to claim 88 gratis dollars at 888 poker' or “how to get $88 dollars at 888 poker” and etc. We hasten to delight you: if you happen to access this very page, you’ll find the answers to your questions after reading this article below.

How to get free money on 888 poker

If you’ve studied general information about this exclusive offer of one of the leading online poker rooms in the world, you should be aware of the fact, that 888Poker provides a unique opportunity for all the new players to get $88 no deposit bonus. This article will tell you, how to get it.

In order to get $88 no deposit 888 poker bonus, you need to go through several easy steps. In order to claim a no deposit bonus at 888 Poker you need to pass a proper registration procedure at 888.com. If you want to find out the answer on a simple question 'how to get free money on 888 poker', you need to follow some easy steps.

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If you already had a 888 Poker client installed on your computer (for example, if your brother/sister had played there), it must be removed. This can be done as follows: Start → Settings → Control panel → Change or Remove Programs. The program will be removed from your computer automatically. Clear cookies in your browser. If you will not clear the cookies, we can not guarantee that you will sign up via our link, and in case of incorrect registration you will not be able to receive cashback and bonuses from our site. If you don’t know how to clear the cookies, follow the instructions by Google.

Next, strictly follow our instruction to receive a no free money deposit bonus from 888 Poker.

How to claim $88 free at 888 poker

Anyone has a chance to register at 888 Poker and get free money as a sign up bonus. This special guide will help you to get 888 poker no deposit bonus - the desired start-up capital of most poker beginners. Dolly parton slot machine. It’s very important that you enter your real data when creating a real money account with 888 Poker so that you could withdraw the winnings without any troubles (the security service of the poker room will demand to confirm the data you’ve entered).

Then you need to head over to 888 Poker official web site using the special link below:

You will find yourself on the front page of the poker room, where you will need to click the yellow 'Download now/train-sydney-to-casino-timetable/. ' button.

Save 888 Poker software setup file and open it. Install the software. After that you will see a questionnaire consisting of 3 steps: Your information, your account and your data. You need to fill it with correct data in order to get 888 poker free $88 bonus in the form of $2 in cash and $6 in free tournament tickets.

Your information. Input your real name and second name (as it is in passport), choose your country and enter a valid email address, as you will receive your mail with bonus there. Indicate your date of birth and specify your gender as well.

Your account. Choose your nickname (username), password and choose a secret question.

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Your data. Specify your home address. You will need to confirm it during your first withdrawal request, so enter the correct address.

Congratulations, the registration is complete! Confirmation has been sent to your email inbox. Press 'Play now' button

You will see the window:

Follow that link to confirm your registration.

In order to receive your 888 Poker $88 free bonus, simply click the link at the email you have received 'Claim your $88 Free bonus here' to verify email address. Then you have to login to the 888 poker lobby with your username & password and enjoy your free bonus poker money and tournament tickets. Only after that your account will be credited with a 888 poker free money bonus package ($1 in real money and $7 in tournament tickets with a value of 14 tickets worth $0.5 + $80 of bonus that needs to be cleared). Hurry, this is a limited time offer. Good luck at the tables!

Also do not forget to visit our section with no deposit bonuses to be up to date.

888 Poker

  • Web Site:888 Poker
  • Poker network: Independent
  • Name: 888Poker
  • Established: 2002
  • Location: Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar)
  • Currency: United States Dollar
  • Cashback: Up to 27%
  • VIP support

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