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A massive Wild West-style brawl has shocked news reporters, casino owners and casino games fans the world over, after reports of a four hundred-person strong fight in a top New York casino have hit the headlines.

Started at 10pm on Friday, April 3rd, the incident broke out in the Resorts World Casino, next to JFK airport in Queens. It was the opening night of a new daiquiri bar, and although the casino had hoped to pull in the crowds, this wasn’t quite what they were expecting.

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Apr 04, 2015  The 10:40 p.m. Confrontation at the opening of Fat Tuesdays daiquiri bar in Resorts World Casino soon turned into a full-on brawl that involved two dozen combatants throwing punches and chairs. The Top Gear star queens new york casino brawl and former England cricketer was subjected to some of sport's finest innuendoes, and true to form he completely lost it., legal poker rooms in new york, roulettes panier lave vaisselle arthur martin, poker dudley casino, lone butte casino buffet, boca raton gambling.

Resorts World Casino is known as a high-class venue, with a complete range of casino games including craps, slots, blackjack, roulette, and sic bo, with an area providing innovative electronic games. It’s also known for its excellent bars, dining and entertainment.

The New York Daily News was first to report on the astounding event, after disturbing images and video footage were posted online across several social media sites including twitter and facebook. It all kicked off around the bar area, and despite arrests and plenty of footage, it’s still not clear why the fight actually broke out.

More than just a fist-fight, people involved in the brawl were using some of the casino decorations and furniture as weapons, hurling chairs at each other in a bloody battle that onlookers claim erupted into one of the biggest fights ever seen at a casino.

However, police report that the fight has been exaggerated, that it looked much worse than it was – because of the carnage and flying furniture – but only around 20 people in a venue of 400 patrons were actually involved.

Regardless of the numbers, the brawl spilled into the car park where numerous security guards and police spent more than an hour trying to quell the disturbance. Ambulances were also called to tend to the wounded, making this an opening night that people would rather forget than remember.

Eyewitnesses claim that people the fight was between two separate groups, that they just started turning on each other for no apparent reason – and this has lead to some speculation that gangland activity is involved, though this suspicion has not yet been confirmed.

In the end, police managed to bring the crowd under control and four people were arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to the Daily Mail, two names have been officially released by police; Andre Rivers aged 23, from Brooklyn and Jovan Bovell also aged 23, of Queens.

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Total damage to the casino is reported to be approximately $2,000 – but this is a minor loss to this rather ill-fated casino…

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In 2011, the Resorts World Casino suffered another unfortunate incident, when a thief managed to steal a whopping $63,000 in cash, just six months after opening their doors! Let’s hope they get a better run of luck soon!