I am going to say, this story uses characters I've made up and/or used in my own stories. Not all of them are in my stories, but either will be or were made up to make this story happen.

The Player walked down the fimiliar halls to his favorite poker hangout, and to be honest, the only one he knew about: The Inventory. As he entered the hangout, he saw Winslow walk up to greet him. 'Ah, The Player! I hope you're ready for another match of high-stakes poker!' Winslow paused.

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How to Train Your Dragon

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The only characters I take credit for are my OC's. The rest do not belong to me.

The Player walked down the fimiliar halls to his favorite poker hangout, and to be honest, the only one he knew about: The Inventory. As he entered the hangout, he saw Winslow walk up to greet him.

'Ah, The Player! Splendid! I hope you're ready for another match of high-stakes poker!' Winslow paused. 'And I'll say, your rivals in tonight's tournament are an interesting batch!' The Player walked up to the wall that pictures of the other matches he had been in. He remembered them all.

'The other players should be here soon, just wait for them. After all, traveling from planet to planet is hard I imagine!' Winslow said. But almost as if on que, a draconic roar filled the room. The Player and Winslow turned to the elevator to see a one legged teen with a black dragon by his side enter the room. And by one legged, one of his legs was metal and the other normal. He wore a green shirt with cupped brown leather shoulders.

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'Oh! Um. Sorry if Toothless was a little loud. He's just excited.' The black dragon called Toothless jumped around on the tables and bounced about. 'Toothless, calm down bud!'

'Ah, it is ok, just so long he doesn't break anything.' Winslow insurred the one-legged boy. 'You're Hiccup, right?'

'Yes, Hiccup's my name.'

'Welcome to the tournament, Hiccup! And find a place to keep Toothless while the game is going.' Winslow hinted.

'I'm sure he'll calm down.. eventually. He didn't take the planet travel so well. if you catch my meaning.'

'I see.' Winslow said. Part of the wall went black with a white sort of outline, and a girl in a blue cloak and white eyes came out. The minute she was out of the wall, the black on the wall faded along with white in her eyes. Instead, her eyes were violet. The cloak was covering most of her face, but pale hands came out to remove the hood. She had purple hair, about up the middle of her neck and a red gemstone on her forehead.

'So. can we get this over with soon? Beastboy forced me to do this and Robin said this couldn't take too long.' The girl said.

'I asume you're Raven.' Winslow seemed to state the sentence more than ask. Raven just nodded.

A door to the Inventory opened and a muscular figure stomped out. He had horns on his head, on broken and the other looking like an arrow. He had cracked shades, and grey skin. A few of his teeth were missing, and under his shades there was a little blue. The Player managed to see yellow eyes behind the shades. He had straight black hair. Next to him, a girl of the same species walked next to him. They shared some of the same features, gray skin, black hair, horns, but the girl had a blue hat on that looked like a cat, and her horns looked like cat ears and fit like gloves in the hat. She had a blue cat tail, wore an olive green jacket, and had little cat fangs. She too had yellow eyes but they had narrowed puplis that made them look like big cat eyes. On her shirt, an olive green Leo sign for Zodiac was on her black shirt. The other alien also had a black shirt but had a blue sign for Sagittarius on it.

'Are you sure we came to the right place Nepeta?' The male alien said.

'I'm pawsitive! I saw a sign that said The Inventory!' So called 'Nepeta' said.

'Equius has arrived with helping hands-er-paws. I would like to inform you that there will be no space for Nepeta to sit at the table tonight. After all, the biggest of our players hasen't yet arrived.' Tootless jumped over to Equius and Nepeta and made excited noises. Nepeta saw the resemblance the dragon had to a cat and started playing with Toothless.

'Well Toothless, looks like you made a new friend.' Hiccup said after seeing the two chase a light together. Toothless looked up at Hiccup and made a gurgling noise before returning to his little game. The Player wondered where the light was coming from until he saw Equius holding a laser pointer and watching the two chase after the red dot.

'Think you have any extras of those?' Hiccup asked Equius.

'Yes, I have others. Why don't you have one?'

'I'm guessing our timelines aren't the same. I'm a viking, and I'm guessing to you that's way back in the past.'

'Yes, it is. If we meet here again, I'll bring you one for your dragon.'

'Thanks.' Hiccup said, took one last glance at the playing alien and dragon and walked over to Winslow.

'Hey, uh, think we can get this over with? My dad expects me to be back at Berk by Midnight, so if hurrying wouldn't hurt.' Hiccup said. Winslow sighed.

'I think we should get started. I guess we'll be a player short tonight.' Winslow said. As everyone that was playing headed for the table and sat down (Nepeta and Toothless just hung out by the game table,) the room shook a little. A wall broke down and a dragon as black as the night with blood red eyes walked into the room. He had only two legs and used his wings as front legs to move around. He walked over to the table and sat down on the ground, because he was way too big for a chair.

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'Drem yol loke, mortals.' He said in an ancient voice. 'As you say, 'deal me in.'

Poker Night At The Inventory 2

ThePoker Night At The Inventory 3

'Alduin! How nice of you to join us tonight!' Winslow said to Alduin.

'Do not expect me to be nice mortal. I'm only here for tonight, then I go back to Tamriel.'

'Pleasure speaking to you too.' Winslow said rolling his eyes. 'And I think I should introduce our dealer, GLaDOS.'

'Good evening.' The white robot said as she came down from the roof.

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'What the?!'

'Nice robot.'

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The Player already knew GLaDOS, so he just waved.

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'This was a small test to see your poker faces. The bad news is you all failed horridly. The good news is, you appear to be evenly matched.' GLaDOS paused. 'The name of the game, is Texas Hold'em.'