Texas Hold’em poker is one of the known onlinegame in the world. It is driven by the popularity of tournament poker, Hold’em is one of the card game that is played by maximum people online and offline as well. It is a community card game where every player is dealt two private cards and five communities/ open cards.

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What is Texas Hold’em poker?

Texas Hold’em is the most famous card game. The players on the poker table will get two cards (dealt face-down) which is not visible to other players. They are called the hole cards. There are five cards face-up on the table apart from the hole cards. These face-up dealt cards are known as ‘community cards’.

How to play Texas Hold’em?

Two cards are dealt face down to every player in the beginning and these cards are knownas hole cards. It is followed by a round of betting. The betting starts with a small blind to the left of the dealer which is followed by a big blind. In heads-up, the dealer will become small blind. They are forced or compulsory bets that should be made before one’s cards. The game will run clockwise starting from the blinds with every player having the option to call, raise or fold. The blinds are live so the players can raise in quantity when the action gets back around to them. If two players are playing the game, thedealer posts the small blind and second player places the big blind. The action again come back to the small blind and then he needs to make his move – call, fold or raise based on the strength of his cards to continue betting.

Game Stages

The game is divided into four rounds of betting. Initial pot is forming by Blind Bet. The first player who takes place at the table becomes a dealer. The game starts from the position next to the dealer button, a round disk marks would be the dealer. If players take place at the table simultaneously, on tournaments for example, each player receives straight one card face up. In this case the deal begins from the player to the left of the virtual dealer, and that player who receives the card of maximum value first, becomes a dealer. A dealer button moves clockwise from player to player with each round


Before a game starts, the two players to the left of the dealer make Blind Bets, so-called because they are made before the players have seen any cards. This is called 'posting the blinds'. The Blinds ensure that there is some money in the pot to play for at the very start of the game. The player to the left of the dealer posts the Small Blind. The second player to the left of the dealer posts the Big Blind which is equal to the double Small Blind. If player does not have enough chips to make Blind Bet, he stakes everything he has at once. Please see All-In. If there are only two players in the game, Small Blind and Big Blind are posting also. In that case dealer posts Big Blind. After that the first round begins.


Every player receives two cards back up. Each player can see his cards only. The player to the left of the player who posted Big Blind begins a round of betting. This player can:

  • Call - match the amount bet in the big blind,
  • Raise - increase the amount bet, or
  • Fold - surrender his cards and stake in the game.

The same action can make each player when it is their turn to bet. When the betting returns to the player who made Big Blind, that player can not to increase the bet - Check - if it is equal to Big Blind (in case if no one player doesn't Raise). However, if an opponent has raised, Big Blind has three options: he must call, raise or fold. Is there a way to win on slot machines. When all bets get equal, the initial pot is formed and the game turns to the next round (Flop).


In this round dealer is facing up three of Community Cards, which players can use to make their five-card hand. These cards are called 'Flop'. Player who makes Small Blind begins the betting round. If he flop the cards, the betting round begins from the first player to the left of him who does not flop the cards. When all bets get equal, the game goes to the next round (Turn).


A fourth Community Card is dealt face up on the table. The third round of betting begins. The action starts with the first player still remaining in the hand who is closest to the left of the button.


The fifth and final Community Card is dealt, and the final betting round is beginning. The action again starts with the first player still remaining in the hand who is closest to the left of the button.


When all bets get equal, it is time to show the cards. The last player to bet or raise during the final betting round shows his cards first. If during the last betting round all the remaining players are checking (nobody betting), the first player to the left from dealer who did not discard is to show his cards first. The other players reveal their cards moving clockwise around the table. If player's current hand is weaker than winning hand shown, he has the option to show or muck his cards. The best five-card hand takes the pot. If two players share an identical hand, the pot is split. Each player may claim the pot in forming of which he took part. Please see All-In.

Hands In Poker Texas Hold Em


Missed Blinds Policy

To prevent players from entering games in a late position to avoid placing blinds, you will have to post an initial fee, equal to Big Blind or you can sit out and wait until Big Blind reaches your position. Player can choose to:

  • Post Big Blind or,
  • Wait for Big Blind.

If the player chooses to wait for Big Blind he will be sitting out and won't be able to join the action until Big Blind comes around to his position. If the player were at the table and then sat out for a while and missed his Big Blind, he will also have to miss Small Blind and the dealer's button. If you missed the small and big blind, you will be required to post an amount equal to the big blind plus a 'dead' bet equal to the small blind.


If the player finishes his chips he may not to fold the cards. The player can go All-In and bet all his chips. In this case the pot is divided into the Main pot and the Side pot. All the next bets are included to the Side pot. If the player which goes All-In did not win, the winner receives all chips (both the Main and Side pots). If the player who goes All-In wins, he receives the Main pot, but the Side pot is passed to the player having the second highest ranking Poker hand. If several players go All-In, the several Side pots can be created. If the player who accepted all All-In bets does not go All-In by himself, but appears to have the highest ranking hand when cards were revealed, he takes the Main pot as well as the all Side pots. If the highest ranking hand has the player who went All-In, he takes the pot or all pots which were created until he went All-In. Every All-In player having highest ranking hand can take only the pot (or pots) in forming of which he took part.

Hands and Rules to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Every player interested in playing Texas Hold’em, the poker players are dealt with two face down cards known as “hole cards”. There are rounds of betting that includes – Bet, flop and check. This stage is popularly termed as the “pre-flop” and the players need to depend completely on the starting hands or hole cards while playing Texas Hold’em Poker

After the betting is complete, three cards are shared which are dealt face up and kept in the middle of the table. This step is called the “flop”. After this there is another round of betting and the fourth card known as the “turn” is also dealt. Followed by this is another round of betting commences after this and the final card is shared on the table called the “river”. After all the cards are kept face up in the middle of the table the last round of betting continues.

The best hand of the game is determined takin in consideration the hole cards and the five exposed cards.

Texas holdem poker winning hands


Poker Hands Texas Hold Em Probabilities

The game can end in two ways:

  • Show down; this happens when the players turn over their hole card and the best hand wins.
  • The other way is that one player bets so that the others at the table fold. This remains the magic of the game as always.

Hands that can win:

Texas Holdem Poker Hand Ranking

Let’s take a look at the Texas Hold’em Poker Hands:

Poker Rules Texas Hold Em Hands

  • Royal Flush – Ace high straight flush. For example – A-K-Q-J-10 of diamonds.
  • Straight flush – five card straight of same suit. For Example – 3-4-5-6-7 of hearts/spades/diamonds/clubs.
  • Four of a kind – Four cards pf equal value – For Example – 4 Jacks.
  • Full house – A pair and three cards of same value – For Example – Q-Q-Q-2-2
  • Flush – Any 5 cards of same suit – For Example – 2, 3, 4, Q, J of spades.
  • Three of a kind – Three Cards of same value. For Example – A-A-A
  • Two pairs – Two Cards of one value another two cards of another same value – For Example – 3 – J-J-A-A
  • Pair – Two cards of same rank – 2 Qs
  • High Card – The hand with the highest cards. If there are two or more players hold the high cards, kickers come into play.

Best Poker Hands Texas Hold Em

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