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Oct 11, 2018  R.MYSTRIO, DRAGON AZTEKA & P.PUMA VS PJ BLACK JOHNNY MUNDO & JACK EVANS FULL FIGHT EPISODE WWE, world wrestling, entertainment, wrestling, WWE, world wrestling.

Lucha Underground
Date: December 14, 2016
Location: Lucha Underground Temple, Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Vampiro, Matt Striker

We’re wrapping up the first round of the Battle of the Bulls tournament this week and that could mean some good things. Last week’s matches were all about the action and that’s exactly what they should be. It might be nice to hear from the champ for a change though as Johnny Mundo doesn’t feel important. Let’s get to it.

The recap looks at Angelico wanting Johnny Mundo, the Kobra Moon Tribe, Matanza wanting Rey Mysterio and Sexy Star earning a title rematch inside a cage.

Battle of the Bulls First Round: Dante Fox vs. Killshot vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. Mariposa

Killshot and Crane quickly clean house and turn it into a one on one fight. Fox gets back up and starts kicking people in the head, followed by a string of suicide dives. Everyone is down so let’s talk about how inspiring Sexy Star is. Killshot’s running moonsault dive takes some people down, only to have another knocked away by a Jeremiah chair shot.

Crane throws in a pile of chairs and sets them up, eventually meaning a Tower of Doom with Killshot getting the worse of it. Mariposa is the only one up so the fans cheer, even when she beats on everyone else with chairs. Killshot gets in a few shots of his own and everyone is down.

It’s Crane up first with a sitout powerbomb and Brock Lock to put Killshot in trouble. The Butterfly Effect onto a chair gives Mariposa two on Killshot (he’s been busy tonight) but Fox takes her out. The 450 hits Crane’s boots though and a Cranial Contusion (Jay Driller) gives Jeremiah the pin at 11:02.

Rating: B-. More good stuff in these first round matches and I like the idea of Crane getting a push. Of course he’s not going to win the match and of course not the title but it’s cool to see him get a win like this to make people take him seriously. Good enough match here, though it was a lot of crashing with little flow for he most part.

Killshot kicks Fox in the head and gives him the top rope double stomp.

Taya is filming the rest of the Worldwide Underground in what feels like an NWO inspired vignette.

Sexy Star sees a spider and freaks out. So now she can rise above spiders.

Kobra Moon vs. Drago

This is over Drago leaving the tribe and annoying Moon. A loud dropkick puts Moon down early but Drago doesn’t seem to want to follow up. Another hard kick has Moon in trouble but here’s one of Moon’s cronies (shown last week) to jump Drago for the DQ at 2:45.

Fenix and Aerostar come in for the save, only to have Moon summon a masked monster to clean house. The fans call him Luchasaurus for a good name. Drago gets tombstoned and carried out.

Star goes after Mariposa, accusing her of planting the spider. A wall is broken and Mariposa seems intimidated.

Pj Black Vs Jack Evans

Pj Black Jack Evans

Battle of the Bulls First Round: PJ Black vs. Jack Evans vs. Son of Havoc vs. Angelico

They break down into the expected tag match to start until Angelico headlocks Havoc. That lasts all of three seconds before they dive onto Evans and Black to crank it up a bit. Back in and Angelico gets double teamed in the corner, only to have Havoc use a pair of top rope double stomps to save his buddy. Black and Evans catch Havoc’s spinning crossbody but Angelico kicks them both in the head a few times.

The Fall of the Angels (running Razor’s Edge) is broken up, only to have Havoc come back in for the save. A Doomsday Device doesn’t work but Jack breaks up Havoc’s shooting star. The Tower of Doom is broken up so Angelico superplexes Evans onto the other two on the floor. Back in and Angelico is shoved inside, leaving Black to tell Evans to pin him. It’s a swerve though as Black rolls him up for the pin at 8:43.

Rating: C. They managed to turn a fourway into something like a tag match and that’s the right move all around. I get the idea of moving Black on and this could help set up the end of the Worldwide Underground, which isn’t the most interesting group in the first place. They also made sure to keep Angelico strong by not having him take the fall, which helps set him up for Mundo later on.

That leaves us with PJ Black vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. the Mack vs. Cage for the title shot.

Mysterio is recovering when Dragon Azteca Jr. comes in. Rey says they can’t win the fight against Matanza but Azteca has to try.

Overall Rating: C+. I’m getting into this Battle of the Bulls thing and the fourway final should be a lot of fun. Any of them vs. Mundo (please don’t switch the title back) would be interesting though I’d like to see Crane for the sake of making a new star. The tribe stuff is fine as well due to a lack of challengers to the Trios Titles (Remember those?). It’s been a nice few weeks and I’m starting to look forward to this show for the first time in a good while.

Pj Black Vs Jack Evansville

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