Most online casino sites are built on RNG engine which stands for Random Number Generator. Each time the electronic roulette has to choose what number would fall or what poker card would appear it has to refer to the Random Number Generator. This is how it makes the choice.

The Random Number Generator, in its turn, is simply a computer program that was developed by engineers. The RNG system is not able to generate real random numbers and this is its main problem. Programmers who created this Generator confirm that this is the main drawback of their invention.

Recently, mathematics scientists suggested to use weather and atmospheric data as the source of random events so that the new generation RNGs could create numbers based on this source. Scientists believe that this way the program could indeed generate real random numbers.


Scientists are already using weather generators to fit their needs however the percentage of such machines being in use is extremely low. Most online casinos are still using the previous gen random number generators that show no random numbers.

It is possible to compare the game in such online casinos with the gaming machine challenge. There is no chance for fortunes in this game and fortune is the main reason why people prefer real casino to a robot machine. Is there anything you can do when you wish to challenge your fortune and still play online?

“Under dealer principal Eugene Cranley, the company started up in Glasthule before moving to the present location some years ago.”. Casino names are usually pretty straight forward. They're either named after the owner or they have a relatively descriptive or emotion provoking name, like 'The Lagoon' or 'Gold Nugget Casino'. This generator focuses on the latter two names as there's plenty of name generators for personal names.

Live Dealer Online Casino

Live dealer online casino is something you can try opposite to ‘no fortune’ online casino. Let’s take a closer look at how it operates. Imagine an ordinary table game in the physical casino. You see the croupier on one side of the table and a video camera on the other side. The camera is aimed at the table with gamers and streams video games over the internet. The casino is also using software that allows gamers to place their bets online.

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On the other hand, you are playing from the comfort of your home. You sit at your own computer and watch the table game live. You can see what number the ball falls onto in the roulette and poker / blackjack cards because everything is being streamed in real life. The croupier also calls each player by his nickname and this is another confirmation that everything is real.

In other words, you are playing in real live casino without leaving your home.

Other name for casino dealer list

Could there be anything more real and random than the trembling hand of the girl croupier? Why would anyone search for more ways on how to make everything complicated and develop the Random Number Generator to create artificial ‘fortune?’ Human is the most real ‘random number generator’ you can find because each spin and shuffle he or she makes is as truly unique, unintentional and inimitable as your own fingerprints.

Other Term For Casino Dealer

Live dealer online casino is the classic game with real fortune you can challenge with the help of innovative technology.