National Heads-Up Poker Championship (TV Series 2005– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. NBC Sports presents the ultimate big-stakes poker showdown, the National Heads-Up Poker Championship. In this invitation-only tournament, 64 players battle one-on-one for the title, 'World's Best 1-on-1 Poker Player,' at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, the birthplace of poker. May 7, 2005 First-round coverage of the $1.5 million single-elimination tournament continues from Las Vegas. Matches include Johnny Chan vs. Actor James Woods and Lakers owner Jerry Buss vs.

The World Heads-Up Poker Championship (WHUPC) was an annual elimination-format poker tournament of heads-up no limit Texas hold'em matches. The tournament was co-created by Late Night Poker's Nic Szeremeta, PokerInEurope's Jon Shoreman, and gaming journalist Rich Geller.

The event has run from 2001 to 2010 and was held in Europe. Entry was open to all. Its success led to America's creation of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

From 2001 to 2003, the event was held at the Concord Card Casino, Vienna, Austria.From 2004 to 2008, the event was held at the Grand Casino, Barcelona, Spain.In 2009 and 2010, the event was held at the Victoria Casino, London, England.The event did not return in 2011 and its website has not been updated since 2010.

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The event was filmed each year for TV broadcast around the world. In 2010 the event was broadcast live via the Internet for the first time at PokerInEuropeLive.com with commentary provided by Mike Carlson, Pete Singleton, and Neil Channing.


2005 National Championship Basketball


YearWinnerPrize MoneyRunner-UpSemi-FinalistsQuarter-FinalistsFinal 16
2001Bruno FitoussiS 1,068,033Thomas 'Amarillo Slim' Preston
  • Vincent Oliver
  • Asher Derei
  • Christoph Haller
  • Nick Teti
  • Casey Kastle
  • Maurizio Biasini
  • Dave Mosley
  • Mike Rocco
  • Nathan Wade
2002Kirill Gerasimov€60,000Roy Brindley
  • Mark Duran
  • Mario Bentivedo
  • Asher Derei
  • Steven Au-Young
  • Michel Leibgorin
  • Vincent Oliver
  • Siegfried Stockinger
2003John Cernuto€60,000Anthony Chapman
  • Salah Alsayegh
  • Bob Coombes
  • Michael Frisby
  • Christian Skjonstad
  • Siegfried Stockinger
  • Luzhe Zhang
2004Angel Blanco Puras€100,000Mark Banin
  • Anders Rossander
  • Rumit Somaiya
  • Mats Törnros
  • Guosen Chen
  • Raul Paez Corral
  • Bo Estefan Enberg
  • Vladimir Troyanovsky
2005Peter Gunnarson€100,000Simon Nowab
  • Peter Abela
  • Andreas Hagen
  • David Leigh
  • Jin Cai Lin
  • Raul Paez Corral
  • Stephen Pearce
  • Frey Rutenskold
  • Jamie Sharrat
2006Isaac Mayolas de Vega€125,000Paul Jackson
  • Chen Tsai Feng
  • Robert Binelli
  • Frank Bluemlein
  • Nick Gibson
  • Markus Golser
  • Juan Carlos Mortensen
  • Ben Battle
  • Thierry Cazals
  • Thomas Fougeron
  • Jan Heitmann
  • Santiago Holguin Romero
  • Santiago Terrazas
2007Jeff Kimber€125,000Dan Carter
  • Carlos Ilado Fabregas
  • Mikko Lehtonen
  • Dan Simcelescu
  • Oscar Blanco Carrasco
  • Gilles Sanchez
  • Don Fagan
  • Peter Karall
  • Jose Salazar Navas
  • David Lacoste
  • Haykel Vidal
  • Harold Olsen
  • Laurens Houtman
2008Mauro Stivoli€65,000Jonas Danielsson
  • Nicolas Dervaux
  • Riccardo Bozicevich
  • Dan Carter
  • Juan Sastre Durin
  • Juan Maceiras
  • Haykel Cgertf Vidal
  • Lopez Gonzalez, Iago
  • Cayetano Garcia Ayala
  • Harold Olson
  • Erik Markus Friberg
  • James Atkin
  • Stefano Fiore
  • Pier paolo Fabretti
  • Dave Penly
2009Bambos Xanthos£65,000James Mitchell
  • Victor Ilyukhin
  • Laurence Houghton
  • Thor Drexel
  • Richard Gryko
  • Jan Teilhof
  • Robert Price
  • Paul Zimbler
  • Bryan Pellegrino
  • Steven Wilmot
  • Keith Hawkins
  • Albert Iversen
2010Nik Persaud£30,000Leon Louis
  • Jeff Kimber
  • Richard Gryko
  • Marius Torbeggson
  • James Reid
  • Nick Wealthall
  • Basile Yaiche
  • Jonathan Prested
  • Tony Fayad
  • Guillaume Delagorce

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Phil's Long-Awaited Celebration

Posted: Sun, Mar 06, 05, 7:45 PM

Phil Hellmuth was being congratulated by Tim Poster (co-owner of the Golden Nugget casino) when he asked for 15 bottles of Dom Perignon that he could share with the crowd. Tim Poster said, 'No problem,' and sure enough, the first bottles were appearing within about five minutes.

Phil received his giant cardboard check for $500,000 and his small but attractive trophy. When asked how he felt, Phil said, 'The money's great, but it's about the title, baby.' He picked up the trophy. 'I'd rather have this,' he said, holding the trophy, 'than this,' and he pointed to the giant check.

Heads Up Poker Championship

It was obvious from the start of this tournament that nobody wanted the title more than Phil. His most telling comment came later, after the champagne had been poured and everyone present joined him in a toast. He was standing with Chris Ferguson, and he said, 'We're back -- I think everyone had forgotten about us.' A fan pointed out that they were two of the best known poker players in the game. 'I don't mean the public,' said Phil. 'I'm referring to the poker world.'

This victory is definitely huge for Phil Hellmuth, who said he is often asked by friends and fans why he hasn't won any major tournaments lately. The implication is that he is just riding the coattails of his own early success. But this victory, against this field of top players, to be aired on a major network during May Sweeps, definitely puts him back on the map in a big way.

National Heads Up Poker Championship

Thank God that NBC was recording everything, because this was definitely Must-See TV. Mark your calendars for May 1, when this tournament will begin airing on NBC. It will be broadcast on four consecutive Sundays, and the final table will air on Sunday, May 22. But don't worry if you miss it -- I suspect that NBC might just find an excuse to air it more than once.