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Bingo Blitz is one of the best online bingo games. Track the numbers, and as it’s available online on Facebook, you don’t need to download Bingo Blitz; it’s enough to open the page or create a link in Facebook Gameroom.

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Graphics 8.5/10

As for the gameplay, the visuals are nearly perfect. The numbers are distinctive, even when they’re marked with a bonus. The cards, the numbers, the field, and the bonuses are all drawn very carefully, so numbers don’t hide from your eye, and entry conditions are clear. You move around the world as you progress, and the pictures the game displays illustrate that. Not being very dynamic, the game doesn’t have to be. And its necessary share of animation is made well.

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Sound 8/10

The best thing about how the game sounds is music. It shifts with the location, from gentle Madrid guitar and castanets to American jazzy vibe, and contributes to the atmosphere (though it may be too dull when repeated for an hour). The voicing is almost perfect, changing from location to location, with accents, changing between male and female.

The sound isn’t crucial for gameplay, as the numbers are also displayed on the table and above your cards. So if you need to keep silent for some reason, you may just turn it off.

Gameplay 10/10

It’s hard to see a person, young or old, who has never played bingo. While the caller names the numbers, you search for matches on the 5*5 cards you have, and if they coincide, mark them. You have a Bingo when you have five matches in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. To increase your chances, you can take up to four cards for a single round, but it costs you more and takes more attention.

Bingo Blitz review would look like a travel route if we list all the cities it takes you to. It would be fair yet to say that they don’t differ in gameplay at all, except for prices and prizes.

Each game costs you some credits, depending on how many cards you use. During the game you’ll also get bonuses accessible in the left upper corner, so keep your eye on it too while watching numbers. The bonuses can make your game easier, removing some numbers from your card, or increase your reward for any lucky move.

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Lasting Appeal 7/10

Being one of those games built to last, Bingo Blitz makes the most use out of digitalization. It launches in a second, takes your attention and keeps you playing for longer than you expected. Some people can spend days at bingo. Its digital version features a chat, so you can socialize while playing (if your attention is good enough for that).

The Verdict

One of the most popular bingo apps in the world has its undisputable pros. It’s easy to play and enter, beautifully drawn and voiced, and you don’t have to wait long until the next game starts. So if you like bingo as a game, you’d definitely appreciate this one.


  • Good visuals and voicing;
  • Easy to join from Facebook;
  • No need to download Bingo Blitz, as it’s accessible via your browser;
  • Great training for your attentiveness and alertness.

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  • It’s bingo, with you following the chance, and nothing else;
  • The music could have been more diverse.

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Graphics 8.5

Sound 8

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 7