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03.26.2013 , 05:34 AM #1
Hi all,
Quick question on the Hide Head Slot option.
I am a Jedi using Sith Battlemaster Robes, now I assume that when i hit the Hide Head Slot button the hood of the robe should come down but it doesn't..
On my Jedi Valiant Robes I can simply equip an item in head slot and then using the Hide Head Slot Button seems to work o.k.
With this said do we need to have items equipped in the head slot in order for the Hide Head Slot button to work or is this a bug?
Anyway I know I should log a ticket with Support so before you say I should do that. I already did. The reply I got was that the issue had been advanced on to Technical/dev support - but I didn't receive a reply, is that quite common??
Is there still associated bugs with the Hide Head Slot option?
Since this is my first post and thread in the community forums I would like to take the time to congratulate EA and Bioware for creating such an amazing game, I will be here and using The Old Republic for as long as it is supported and the community remains active.
Bioware and EA you have both far surpassed my expectations of the game and what an MMO platform is capable of so I would like to congratulate you for creating such a masterpiece along with Lucas Arts, a great achievement.
My Former employment was working on a LucasArts SW game in the Quality Analysis team, so i understand the amount of hard work it takes to create a game of this scale!
Well done, now lets make it better where we can.
I would attach pictures and a full bug report but unfortunately I cant.

Hide Head Slot Dragon Age Chart

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Hide Head Slot Dragon Age 1

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