Nov 29, 2014  Slimming world haribo sweets tutorial - Duration: 4:58. Roxie knights 30,126 views. Just syns per slice, it's an ideal Slimming World dessert, treat or breakfast. Banana Bread Recipe for Healthy Bones - Wilson Food & Wine This LOW SYN BANANA BREAD recipe is the ultimate Slimming World cake recipe! Just 2.5 syns per slice, it's an ideal Slimming World.

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Haribo Roulette Syns Slimming World


  • 2 Packets of sugar free jelly
  • 2 Sachets of gelatine
  • 1 Muller Yogurt

If you'd like to lose weight - without ever feeling hungry - welcome to Slimming World. We help thousands of members achieve their weight loss dreams - you can too. May 09, 2015  Slimming World Haribo Sweet Recipe. Even if your not on Slimming World these would be great as a sugar free alternative to sweets and kids would love them too. Plus the flavour possibilities are endless due to all the different sugar free jellies and Muller Light yogurts you can get. So here is the tasty Sugar Free Slimming World Haribo Sweet recipe. May 17, 2019  Slimming World Haribo style sweets. Make - May 17, 2019. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Slimming World Healthy Extra B Options Aldi syn values; Slimming World Top 5 Desserts - Syn Free Sundae - Weigh In Time; EDITOR PICKS. Mung Beans Benefits, Nutrition Facts & How To Cook. October 23, 2018.


Level of difficulty Average
Cost Average budget


Step 1

Add jelly crystals and gelatine together in half pint boiling water.

Haribo Roulette Syns Slimming World 7

Step 2

Put 2/3rds into a container, put this is fridge to cool.

Step 3

The other 1/3rd once slightly chilled mix in with the yogurt.

Step 4

Once the jelly in fridge is set tip the yogurt/jelly mix on top and return to fridge.

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Haribo Roulette Syns Slimming World Recipe

Apr 1st '14, 12:09 PM

Posts: 40

This is one of those really simple recipe ideas that truly makes dieting worth it.
It's almost like cheating!
These Slimming World jelly sweets are Syn Free for the whole batch!
These really are just like those Haribo jelly sweets with the white bottoms and jelly tops.
Once set they look like this:
I personally use a few of these sweet molds http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00C65VV96/ (you can pick them up for cheap of ebay too). Alternatively you can use ice cube trays or a baking dish (and the cut into squares after they set).
300ml Robinsons, No Added Sugar Fruit Squash (any flavor).
3 x 12g Gelatine Sachets
175g Pot of Muller Light Yoghurt
Make up 300ml of really strong fruit squash in a jug.
As recommended by wlt27 make it up really strong - at least 50% cordial (maybe more depending on taste). I'm not sure if the double strength Robinsons is Syn Free (I think it is). Maybe it would be better.
In a separate jug/mug add the gelatine to 260ml of boiling water (always add gelatine to liquid, not the other way around). Mix and make sure all the gelatine dissolves (add a touch more boiling water if needed).
Pour the Muller Light into a bowl.
With a tablespoon, put two (2) spoonfuls of the gelatine liquid in the fruit squash and one (1) spoonful of the gelatine liquid in Muller Light: continue to divide the gelatine like this (2:1 ratio). It should divide up roughly 10 tablespoons in the squash and 5 tables spoons in the Muller Light.
Give the squash and the Muller and good stir to make sure the gelatine is thoroughly mixed (if using the same spoon mix the squash first otherwise you'll get Yoghurt in the juice).
Pour the squash into the mold. About 1/2 cm in each one. Unless you have a few mold trays you'll probably have some left over. Any leftover you can pour in a flat base dish or ice-cube tray.
Put squash (molds) in the freezer and allow to set. It shouldn't take too long. Check to make sure it doesn't freeze.
Once set (or at least the top jelly skin has set), remove from the freezer.
Now it's time to give the Muller another thorough mix and with a teaspoon (alternatives: syringe or icing bag) spoon about 1/4cm of Muller in each jelly mold.
Put the molds in the fridge and leave until completely set.
And there you have it. A whole batch of Syn free sweets
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