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Firstly, this manga has nothing to do with the Black Jack franchise but that of course doesn´t mean anything.
The story follows an intern throughout 3 stages of internship and has no real beginning or true ending (yes i know the is a sequel) which as other have noted is a small negative point.
The other problem is that this manga is too dramatic. I read it all in one sitting and the main character is just too crazy impulsive and selfish and even if there are hardships along the way for him in the end is 'radical thinking' is always proven right which i find one-sided and problematic.
The other problem is the over the top drama. Yes the situations are well researched and realistic but all go one or two steps to far into forced drama territory. For example the third and last story about mental illness has a school stabbing that comes right at the turning point for one of the characters story just to create drama for him.
Yes i accuse the author of 'shock deaths' of children just to make his manga more dramatic and interesting.
Also, some of the actions the doctors take come off as slightly illegal (i have seen and read a lot of medical series but of course could be wrong) but the final goal always justifies the means.
So why the high score? Well if you overlook the forced conflicts, suspend your disbelieve and just become engrossed in the story you realize it is quite good and well drawn. The manga asks some tough questions is never dull and actually earns its mature tag without a ridiculous amount of tits and gore. All in all this is a good but flawed drama for fans of Team Medical Dragon and Black Jack just a bit 'worse'.
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