Dec 05, 2018  Hot Shot Free Play. This particular title can be found among free slot games as well. It is easy to download and get started as it loads instantly on your mobile browser and plays easily. All the players have an option to play this slot machine free play in. Hot Shot Slots Machine. The Hot Shot slot is a 5-reel game with 20 paylines. Its developer is Bally. It has multipliers. After playing it, FreeSlots99 came to know, that this online slot has pretty distinctive feeling and we definitely find enjoyable playing this game.

Hot Shot Casino Slots is a casino simulator with realistic slot machines, rich giveaways, and high bets. Download Hot Shot Casino Slots right now to your mobile device or play it on Facebook to try your luck!

Graphics 9/10

When you launch Hot Shot, you may feel you’re really in a slot casino. Of course, it depends on your monitor size, but the environment on the background is very expressive. As for slot machines, they are also drawn in high details, with juicy and fresh colors. Rolling machines move realistically, due to great animation. Even if they aren’t literally “fruit machines”, they bring the taste of it.

This luxury has its downside. You need at least a Full HD monitor to enjoy all the pleasure of these detailed pictures. Otherwise part of it may remain behind the borders.

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Sound 9/10

If music matters for you, we bring some good news. Hot Shot is a slot machine with tune controllable; it sounds as long as you spin the machine. The soundtrack combines jazz, funk and electronic dance music, all mixed up in one adventurous cocktail. Probably it’s the perfect music to get rich to; and even while all the coins here are virtual, music is real, and so is your vibe.

Gameplay 8/10

Blazing 7s Free Slots No Download


There isn’t a lot to discover about how to play slot machines, but Hot Shot moves you through it slowly, so you pay enough attention to each new one you unlock. Before you can go to the next slot machine, you’re meant to do a certain number of spins at what you already have. It’s enough to read the pay table and maybe calculate your bets, if you’re into it. Otherwise, you may act like most players do and just try your luck.

Hot Shot Casino Slots Download

You get some free coins every two hours, and besides that, there are free spins and level upgrade rewards. Still, compared to the millions you the game operates, these thousands seem miserable, and the most hazardous players better purchase some more coins for real cash. No, it doesn’t work the other way; your virtual coins can’t be cashed out. Otherwise, it couldn’t be on Facebook.

Does it kill all the excitement? No, we guess. According to a growing number of players, most of them pay for that slot machine trembling that gets you infected, rather than for a chance to win big.

Lasting Appeal 7/10

If you’re inclined to unlock all the slot machines available (why? To write a Hot Shot Casino Slots review?), it will take you long. Each new level is harder to reach, and you may just get tired of it while playing. But if you use this as a meditation or as a brain refresher, it’s a good and spectacular one.

Hot Shots Slots Free Download

The Verdict

Hot Shot Casino Slots offers mostly what the others do. But it lets you taste any slot machine before you proceed. So if you like it slow, you can download Hot Shot Casino Slots to your phone or tablet or play it on Facebook.


  • Good graphics;
  • Slow pace, so you can play each slot machine enough;
  • Frequent bonuses and giveaways;
  • Decent sounds and music;
  • Mobile version available.


  • Requires a high definition monitor;
  • Not tor those who want it all, and they want it now.

Graphics 9

Sound 9

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 7

Hot Shot slots, like Lucky 7 slots, is an exceptional implementation of a classic 3 reel slot machine design from Bally. The company is best known for its line of cinematic, 3D slot machine games, but they’ve demonstrated with this game that they can put together an online version of a traditional pub slot game that looks and sounds better than almost any of their competitors’ games. And since some of their competitors offer games with the same name, that’s an important point.

How to Play Hot Shot Slots

Gameplay in Hot Shot slots is a little more involved than Lucky 7. Instead of offering just a single payline down the center, Hot Shot offers 5 paylines, and 3 symbols are visible on each reel instead of just 1. The symbols are less traditional, too—the game features fruit, 7s, and stars, but these aren’t the usual cherry symbols. Instead you have watermelons, pears, oranges, and bunches of grapes.

The pay table is visible on the front of the game—some of it is above the reels, and some of it is visible to the left of the reels. You can play up to 3 coins per line, and the top prize is paid out to people who line up 3 blue stars. 2nd prize is available for lining up 3 of the golden bell symbols. Then there are prizes for lining up 7s, watermelons, grapes, some blue fruit I couldn’t identify, pears, and oranges, in that order.

The prizes are, in order, 200, 100, 60, 40, 20, 20, 10, and 10. Multiply that amount by 2 or 3 depending on how many coins you’re playing. The game also has smaller payouts for near misses—for example, if you get 2 stars or 2 bells on a payline, you get a payout of 16 coins. Any 2 sevens or watermelons trigger an 8 to 1 payout. The grapes, the blue fruit, and the pears trigger a 4 to 1 payout when you hit any 2 of them on a payline.

The layout is easy to understand, and Hot Shot slots are easy to play. They’re a little more involved than the super simple Lucky 7 slot machine game, so it might be best to try Lucky 7 first and move up when you start getting bored with that one.

You might find other games with the same name online. For example, Microgaming has a game called Hot Shot slots, too, but it’s a completely different game—it has 5 reels, 9 paylines, and a cute baseball theme. The symbols consists of stuff like hot dogs and candy. Bally also makes a game called Hot Shot slots. It has a similar theme, with traditional symbols like bars, bells, and 7s, but it’s a 5 reel slot with 20 paylines.


Hot Shot Casino On Facebook

Slot machine games that feature fruit for symbols are easy to find, but Betsoft brings a little bit of fresh air into the casino with Hot Shot slots. Poubelle a roulette mr bricolage. This game will likely be a little dull to people who like video slots games with all their bells and whistles—you won’t find any scatter symbols or wild symbols here, folks. But players who prefer a game that’s a little easier to understand will probably find Hot Shot to their liking.

Free Hot Shots Slot Game

And even though Hot Shot slots is designed to play like a traditional pub game, it offers enough paylines and unusual reel symbols to provide a little more to players who are tired of the uber simple examples of 3 reel slots like Lucky 7. The game has a reasonably high hit ratio, so a player won’t be bored with long losing streaks, either.