Triple Double Bonus Poker. Triple Double Bonus Poker is a video poker variation that offers increased payoffs for various 4 of a kind hands based on the ranking of the hand. It also offers bonus payoffs based on the kicker for that hand. Like many VP games, Triple Double Bonus Poker is best understood as a. Double Double Bonus Poker is one of the more recent and insanely successful variants, primarily made popular by online gamblers. Double Double Bonus Poker (DDB) is categorized as online video poker but it is also played at land-based casinos. Double Double Bonus Poker has more winning combinations than other traditional or older versions. Jan 21, 2019  9/6 Double Double Bonus video poker strategy including hands overview with payoffs and returns of 98.97%, plus more in-depth video poker articles.

My previous article on Jacks or Better video poker was so well received I thought I would follow up with an article on what has become the most popular of the video poker games, Double Double Bonus Poker. The main reason that Double/Double has become so popular is that there are several extra bonuses built into the game. Of course, the casinos take something away for their generosity regarding the bonuses. These two dynamics, the extra bonuses and the tightening of the game, are what the optimum strategies are built around. The extra bonuses include four aces, deuces, threes and fours, especially with a kicker not higher than a four. What they take away for this generosity is that two pair pay the same as a single high pair whereas in Jacks or Better the two pair pays twice as much. The one becomes break even versus a winning hand.

The table below illustrates the differences in the pay tables between the two games. While you may find different pay tables in casinos you visit, I’ve used 9/6 tables where a full house pays nine times the number of coins played and a flush six times the number of coins.

Double Double Bonus Poker Trainer

Double DoubleJacks or Better
Royal Flush800800
Straight Flush5050
Four of a kind (Aces with a kicker of A, 2, 3 or 4)40025
Four of a kind (Aces with out a good kicker)16025
Four of a kind (2s to 4s with kicker of A, 2, 3 or 4)16025
Four of a kind (2s, 3s or 4s with good kicker)8025
Four of a kind (5s thru Kings)5025
Full House99
Three of a kind33
Two Pair12
Jacks or Better11
Theoretical return when played perfectly98.98% 99.54%

On the surface, all of the extra payouts for various four of a kinds make Double/Double appear to be a much better game than Jacks or Better. However, when the loss of the double payout for two pair is factored in, Jacks or Better is actually the better paying game. Two pair is the outcome in approximately 12% of hands so the reduction becomes significant. A twelve percent loss is equivalent to giving up five coins every eight hands in the hope of getting a bonus on some form of quads in every 400 hands. Remember – Las Vegas has not built all its temples of chance because it is giving its patrons an edge. More than one comedian working a Strip showroom has stated, “Welcome to Las Vegas, a city built on Hoover Dam and bad math”. Players seem to love the bigger jackpots offered by Double/Double eventhough they are paying a price for them. It’s the thrill of hitting a jackpot and there are more ways to do it in Double/Double. Now let’s look at the guiding strategy differences in playing optimum strategy in this exciting game.

  • When dealt four As, 2s, 3s or 4s with the bonus kicker of A, 2, 3 or 4, keep all five cards. If the four of a kind is accompanied by a 5 through King, draw for the bonus kicker. Never hold a bonus kicker with just three of a kind.
  • If dealt aces full, throw the underpair away to draw to the fourth ace.
  • If dealt two pair containing aces, only keep the aces.
  • If dealt two or three unsuited high cards with an ace, keep only the ace versus two or three high cards without an ace – keep them all.

All the other drawing strategies are the same as Jacks or Better which can be reviewed in my previous video poker article. As you can see, the key strategy differences between Jacks or Better and Double/Double focus to how to handle quads and the treatment of aces. Double/Double places a huge premium on any ace. Four aces with a qualifying kicker pays the same as half a Royal Flush. This 400-to-1 payout can be expected about once in every 16,000 hands played which is 2.5 times the frequency that you can expect a royal flush to make its appearance. Best of all, the adrenalin rush is almost the same!

Double/Double is definitely a more exciting game in my opinion due to the increased volatility. Volatility is what gamblers crave – without it the game becomes boring. The main difference between Jacks or Better and Double Double Bonus is not the .56% of theoretical return but the excitement of the added jackpots. If you would prefer no volatility at all, you could go to a change machine and get four five dollar bills for every twenty you put in it. Wow, that would be a machine with 100% payback and no volatility. It doesn’t sound like much fun to me – how about you?

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By Tom 'TIME' Leonard

Tom has been writing about poker since 1994 and has played across the USA for over 40 years, playing every game in almost every card room in Atlantic City, California and Las Vegas.


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If you enjoyed playing Double Double Bonus Poker, you will most likely meet your match in this game. Building upon the same principle of attractive paytable rewarding Four of a Kind in various combinations…

Triple Double Bonus Poker takes the payouts to the whole new level, hand in hand with an exciting and informative combination of playing for free (or the real money) and a useful training tool.

Just as is the case with any poker variant, the fundamentals of the game remain the same — five cards are dealt from a standard 52-card deck and you can hold as many while trying to build the best hand and beat the dealer.

Furthermore, based on bonus- and quick-quads families of poker, Triple Double Bonus has a rather generous payout on quads.

To exploit them properly, though, you are encouraged to take a dive into playing strategy and learn more about hand combinations, probabilities, and returns.

Once introduced to basics, you are ready to deploy and play for free with 10,000 credits which enables you to improve poker skills.

Short of friendly UI and recognizable features — trademarks of all of our games — the game layout is straightforward, with paytable atop of your screen. Free money with no deposit online casino. Therein, you’ll quickly notice the generous side of Four of a Kind hands; on one credit wager, quads will pay:

  • 50 credits on four 5s thru kings;
  • 80 credits on four 2s, 3s, and 4s;
  • 160 credits on four Aces;
  • 400 credits on four 2s, 3s, and 3s with any Ace, 2, 3, or 4;
  • 400 credits on four Aces with any 2, 3, or 4.

Equaling four Aces and Royal Flush, payouts reflect on your playing strategy and makes hunting ‘them quads’ an interesting and joyful experience, which is yet another reminder why you should get acquainted with Triple Double Bonus Poker strategy.

Double Double Bonus Poker Vs Triple Double Bonus Poker Game

Playing cards are right below the paytable, inscribed with Wizard of Odds visuals, and control strip with information on wagering value and available bankroll.

To set your bet, you use BET ONE button placed at the bottom of your screen, enabling you to quickly glide through five options (1 to 5 credits per hand). When you want to take the highest wager, you can click on BET MAX (please have in mind that once you select this, the hand is momentarily dealt afterward, thus you cannot retrieve it until the next one).

Remaining controls are in line with other poker games at our website, providing for familiarity and quick transition.

By using the SPEED button, you increase or decrease the tempo of dealing cards. Whenever you want to switch to any other video poker variant, you can use MORE GAMES and continue to play the new game without having to leave this page. Naturally, you use DEAL and DRAW buttons to govern your moves on dealt cards, while you HOLD selected ones by pressing those you wish to keep.



..probably the most interesting segment of the game comes with the Personal Game Advisor, helping you go indeed administer your decisions based on a knowledgeable guess by using any of the two available features.

First one is a pop-up window which you activate by pressing “Warn on strategy error” box atop of Triple Double Bonus Poker layout. When permitted, it guides you if a better move to play is available, in effect improving your overall poker skills and strategic decisions.

The second one comes with the ANALYZE button which appears after the initial five cards have been dealt, leaving you with a choice to either select cards to HOLD based on your knowledge or…

Double Double Bonus Poker Training

To click on it, enabling another pop-up window with full analytical overview of available options, additionally aligned with the current hand and paytable you selected. Thus, by clicking at any offered option you continue with your game instantly.

By having the Personal Game Advisor embedded with such a competitive game as Triple Double Bonus Poker makes it for a rewarding experience equally to beginners, aspiring players and experts — each group can find a few details to fine-tune or learn and improve.

Double Double Bonus Poker Vs Triple Double Bonus Poker Points

The only remaining thing to do is to play responsible, which usually brings a healthy dose of fun and good luck, which gambling should always be about!