Bally Cash Wizard Slot Machine Features. This slot has endless fun-packed features. No wonder, this slot enjoys a great hit frequency of over 49 percent. With a maximum bet of 250 credits, 30 paylines, and 5 reels, the game offers progressive options of three levels.

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Cash Wizard is a popular slot game designed by Bally Technologies and released in 2011. It has many interesting features and exciting bonuses that attract players to come back for more. Bally has continuously worked to produce many innovative games and slot machines and Cash wizard is one their most successful releases. The game is also one of the first to be featured on Bally’s new computer gaming platform called Alpha 2, which offers high-definition graphics and high-quality animation.

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Cash Wizard developed by Bally Technologies can bring magic to your life whether it’s the music or the exciting features including the bonus. Released in 2011, its compelling features continue to draw players in droves. Bally is a well-known name in games, slots, and entertainment media. Cash Wizard slots is their latest production. This slot is one of the games that are featured on Bally’s newly developed platform. Identified as Alpha 2, this platform resonates with high-definition animation and graphics. The character, Wizard, is the most attractive icon that players will love for its irresistible dance and interaction with the players while the game goes on.

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Bally Technologies has won several innovative awards and their products come with features compatible with i-gaming platform. In other words, anyone can download their software on their mobile platform and play games with convenience. Their user interface is clean and works fast with integrated multimedia features to attract the attention of the players.


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  • Bally Cash Wizard Slot Machine Features

    This slot has endless fun-packed features. No wonder, this slot enjoys a great hit frequency of over 49 percent. With a maximum bet of 250 credits, 30 paylines, and 5 reels, the game offers progressive options of three levels. The best award you can get is a whopping 1,000,000 coins. The bonus features range from mystery wheel to free games. In addition, features like invisible link, along with magic potions and wizard wilds provide enough entertainment and adrenalin gush to keep you hooked all throughout the game. So, the dominant features of this slot machine are endless bonuses enhancing your surprises one after the other. But you cannot earn the bonuses unless you buy the character, that is, the wizard.

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    The enchanting graphics of the game, resonating colorfully, is displayed on its screen characterized by five reels. This is also among the first few games that feature “iDeck” which is unique to Bally. This feature will let you interact freely while the game goes on. Basically, iDeck is the LCD display endowed with touchscreen. After wins and even during bonus events, it performs the extra display function.

    The touch feature called U-Spin allows players to spin the wheel. When the image of mystery wheel is seen, the simple act of touch will make the wheel spin. With countless bonuses and unlimited benefits, cash wizard is full of fun. You can win between 100 times and 1500 times the credits you have bet. Slot games apps android. You can hardly get a better deal than this.

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    If you’re looking for fun and entertainment, the Cash Wizard slot will keep you enthralled. The wizard costume combined with the cute, round face of the wizard and its movement or act of wizardry – flying, dancing, and interacting – will transport you to an altogether different world. This is just the beginning of the fun part, for fun begins to enhance as the wizard showers you with bonuses one after the other. The experience can be truly overwhelming. So, we advise you to take your time as you begin to understand the rules and features of the game.

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    It is best to practice free slot games before going for the real money to derive the best experience out of this slot. After all, you want to unlock all the credits available to you and take calculated risks to be on the winning side.