UKash Online Casinos, What Are They?

Mar 13, 2016  Ukash offers a number of services, aside from the basic transferring of money. For example, there is the company’s online credit card, Ukash Neo. This allows you to make purchases online using just your credit card number. This is helpful if you want to buy something from an online merchant who does not offer Ukash as a payment option. But Ukash goes one step further in offering vouchers. You can buy Ukash vouchers online or for a store and then send cash via the voucher to your Ukash casino account. You don’t ever have to give your card or bank details, so you are always safe. You can buy vouchers for a small amount, and you don’t pay a lot in fees, such as bank fees. Buy 50 USD Ukash e-Vouchers with Paypal and Credit cards Online from hundreds of thousands of global locations and use it to pay or send money on the Internet. Buy ucash with visa instant.

Ukash began in 2005 with the aim of providing people all around the world to make payments online without having to use privet credit card information. Ukash is available in over 55 countries around the world including Ukash Australia. You are able to buy pre-paid vouchers almost anywhere (at stores or online) and what it basically does is turn your cash into e-money.

Top UKash Casinos

Buying Ukash Vouchers Online
$2000 Bonus99% Payout-Rating: 4.9/5
$4000 Bonus97% Payout-Rating: 4.8/5
$1500 Bonus99% Payout-Rating: 4.7/5
$1000 Bonus98% Payout-Rating: 4.6/5
$2500 Bonus98% Payout-Rating: 4.5/5

Once you have paid for your Ukash ticket, you will receive a 19 digit code that will allow you to make purchases. Due to the different currencies, you need to be able to convert your money into the correct currency; you can do this by using their converter tool. Another great benefit of Ukash is that you can apply for a Ukash MasterCard where you can preload AU$ and just use that.

How Do Ukash Casinos Online Work?

/poker-four-of-a-kind-probability/. Using UKash at Australian online casinos is a simple process. The general payment steps are as follows:

  1. Find the payment/deposit option.
  2. Choose the Ukash option and enter the 19 digit code.
  3. Choose the currency (in this case the Australian Dollar).
  4. Once you confirm, the amount will come off your Ukash ticket/account immediately and you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.
  5. Don’t forget to read your terms and conditions no matter where you are!

Top Ukash Casinos in AU


Advantages of Using Ukash at an Online Casino

There are some really great advantages of using Ukash when wanting to withdraw your money from an online casino, namely:

  • Deposits are anonymous – This means that when buying Ukash online, there are no credit checks that need to be done, nor will anyone know your private and confidential information
  • Payments are instant: You don’t need to wait for the money to be loaded, it is immediate
  • UKash allows for players to budget their money carefully when playing at online casinos, due it being “pre-paid” You are aware of the amount of money you are spending
  • Payments are safe – Ukash ensures all payments are safe and none of your personal information is accessed
  • They allow you to use many different currencies and you can convert your money as well

Tips for Using Ukash at Online Casino Sites

  1. Be aware of online casinos charging you a deposit fee when buying Ukash from them.
  2. If buying at stores, ensure there are no scammers – this is done by not sharing your code with anyone except for the online casino.
  3. In some countries you still have to make physical deposits and withdrawals so be aware of those around you.
  4. Some official Ukash websites to use:
  1. DO NOT Auto-fill your password: Much like a bank, this is very dangerous as others could possibly have access to your money.

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Overall, Ukash is one of the best and most widely known payment methods not only for online casinos but for hundreds of various transactions online. Ukash – Keeping you safe and secure!