Slot machines have always been appealing to both new and experienced players not only because of the excitement they bring but also because of their affordability and the fact that you do not have to think of a strategy. Learning the basics as well as the most common winning techniques and misconceptions should be enough to ensure you have a great time on the casino floor.

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Tipping Point slot is a vast improvement on Core Gaming's other TV-themed game Sean Kelly's Storage Auctions, a diabolically poor game. The graphics are crisp and smooth, the musical score from the show easy to listen to. The free spins are good, as is the RTP of 95.02%. The drawback is the terrible jackpot Tipping Point bonus. Practice your score-keeping and rack up some virtual strikes with these online bowling games. You don't need any other live players or weird-smelling borrowed shoes to get a strike or two in this category! These games will line 'em up so you can knock 'em down. The progressive jackpots on some slots have what is called a “boiling point”, which means that the huge prizes are triggered whenever a specific, predetermined amount of money has been accumulated in the prize pool. Such games offer more frequent but smaller wins and are often referred to as “hot” slots. Is one of the most. Jan 01, 2011  From Bad Elf's featuring Jackpot Spins, to Incas growing a 'Boiling Point' jackpot to our new and upcoming machine 'Dream Run' that will fill you with adrenaline-fueled action, our latest games have been captivating a wide variety of slots enthusiast. Spirit of the Inca slots Progressive Jackpots. Throughout the course of the game, all five of the “Boiling Point Jackpots” are activated whenever you play the maximum bet. Jackpots can be won at any time, randomly and simultaneously, at the conclusion of any game. You may have noticed the “Must Trigger” number beneath each jackpot.

Every casino visitor aims at leaving richer than they were at the beginning of their betting session. As we have already mentioned, finding a loose machine guarantees your session at the casino will be profitable and entertaining.

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The successful reel spinner is armed with plenty of information about the types of slot machines and their specifications. Although slots are based purely on luck, following the right set of rules, managing your bankroll, and being concentrated will help you accrue greater profits.

Despite the wide variety of themes and the struggle of developers to launch new games on a regular basis, there are certain types of slots that have become favorites to a great number of players. For one reason or another, they are widespread and learning more about their features might be really useful during your next casino visit.
In general, slot machines can be divided into two large categories – progressive and non-progressive. Read the information below to acquaint yourself with the specifications of both types as well as with some of the games players find particularly entertaining and profitable.

Progressive Slots

If you want to win a life-changing amount of money, playing a progressive slot is highly recommended. The progressive jackpot increases every time a player places a bet and these slots are popular for a reason. As mentioned above, the fun factor and the payouts are the two components that make them attractive to players. Although slots that feature 9 lines seem similar to those that have 25 paylines, the payouts they offer and the frequency of the bonus games is what makes them different from one another.

Anyway, let's concentrate on the useful tips and tricks related to progressive slot games.

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Progressive Slots

If you want to win an incredible amount of money, you should invest more in your gaming session. In other words, in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot, you are, in most cases, required to place the maximum possible bet and play on all lines. Thus, the chances of entering a bonus game increase along with the chances of hitting a winning combination.

Although you are supposed to place the highest wager a certain slot machine accepts, do not forget to keep track of how much you spend. There is an old saying which states that it is easy to win a certain amount of money from slots but keeping your winnings is the most difficult part. In point of fact, it is more important to activate all paylines rather than using the highest coin denomination.

Most slots have an Autoplay feature that makes the action unfold faster but you are not advised to use it if you want to see how much you win after each spin.

Non-progressive Slots

Progressive slots may be worthy of playing but non-progressive ones also deserve attention as they are the other category of games players prefer. The main advantage of non-progressive slots is that they pay smaller sums but on a regular basis. Admittedly, you can hit millions in one spin when you play a progressive slot but the non-progressives also have their fans because of their independent odds and increased chances of frequent wins.

However, it is important to note that the payout percentages are different for every slot. When it comes to playing a game that does not feature a progressive jackpot, you have to check the payout percentages and pay special attention to the slots that attract more players.

The Most Commonly Played Slots

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah has been a favorite of slot players for quite some time. It is developed by Microgaming and features the standard 5 reels, 25 paylines and a progressive jackpot that often exceeds €1 million, while the highest number of coins per spin is set to 125.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is another exciting game, provided by Microgaming and based on the Dark Knight movie. There are wild and scattered symbols that trigger the bonus rounds. The jackpot is randomly triggered but if the player makes the right choice and has a bit of a luck, their massive winnings are guaranteed.

King Cashalot

Another Microgaming-powered slot game featuring a thrilling jackpot is King Cashalot, which features 5 reels and 9 paylines. The jackpot is yours once you land 5 King Cashalot symbols on payline number 9.

Megabucks/Wheel of Fortune

The list cannot be complete unless we include Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune. These two are probably the most popular slots in online and brick-and-mortar casinos on a global scale.

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Achilles, developed by RealTime Gaming, is based on Greek mythology. It offers 5 reels and 20 paylines and features the legendary heroes Achilles, Troy, and Jason. The wild, scatter and bonus symbols ensure solid payouts.

Game of Thrones

The most popular TV series of all times, Game of Thrones, has inspired yet another Microgaming-powered slot that is preferred by players. Look out for the wilds, scatters and the bonus symbols and you will be generously rewarded for every winning combo you land.

Gonzo's Quest

The list would not be complete unless games powered by NetEnt are included. Gonzo's Quest is a slot game played in the most prestigious online casinos in the world and the abundant number of opportunities for winning combinations along with the theme are what makes the game an appealing one.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is the other game that guarantees top winnings and tons of fun. It is developed by NetEnt and is inspired by the lifestyle of the rich and the luxurious items they can afford.

Genie’s Hi-Lo

Another prominent developer of high-quality slot games is Playtech. If you are tired of playing traditional slots, you should opt for Playtech's Genie's Hi-Lo, which does not even require you to think of any strategic moves.

Marvel Slots

Have you ever heard of the Marvel comics and the incredible slots based on them? Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Thor: The Mighty Avenger, and Hulk bring solid winnings and the action can keep you on the edge of your seat for an infinite period of time.

IGT – Leading Slot Machine Manufacturer

During the years, many slot manufacturers have emerged but a few of them consolidated their positions on the market. IGT is a vivid example of a successful slot-machine manufacturer as it provides almost 80% of the slots on a global scale and combines high quality and innovation.

If you are a fan of games developed by RealTime Gaming, you must have played the slots with boiling-point jackpots the company launched a few years ago. If you have not even heard about them, you better continue reading as these slots provide each and every player with excellent winning opportunities.

RealTime Gaming is a leader in providing original gaming solutions on a global scale and although the company does not introduce new games very often, once it launches a new product, the latter is usually defined as innovative and appealing to players. The same is valid for the Boiling-Point Jackpot slots.

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The name of these slots is chosen for a reason. When the water reaches a boiling point, it bubbles and starts erupting. In a similar fashion, when a boiling-point jackpot reaches a certain level, one lucky player is awarded a massive payout.

Spirit of the Inca Boiling Point Jackpot

The most popular slot game with a boiling-point jackpot is Spirit of the Inca. It provides players with a chance to win five different jackpots. However, in order to qualify for winning all of them, you have to place the maximum possible bet. When you opt for a lower bet, some of the jackpots are disabled.

The game offers Mini, Minor, Major, Maxi and Grand jackpots and these increase every time someone makes a bet. This makes them similar to progressive jackpots but the difference is here you can win more than one jackpot on a single spin. The player can keep track of the current value of the jackpots in the jackpot meter to see when the boiling point is about to be reached.

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The boiling point numbers are displayed below the current value. The player who hits the jackpot is awarded the amount corresponding to the boiling point of one of the five jackpots. Do not forget the maximum bet enables you to take more than one jackpot that has reached its boiling point on a single spin.

It is important to note that the five jackpots are independent from one another and are randomly triggered. They amount to €100,000 for Mini, €150,000 for Minor, €200,000 for Major, €250,000 and 300,000 for Maxi and Grand, respectively.

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Experienced players claim that the boiling-point jackpots are much better than the regular progressive prizes as they provide enhanced chances of getting a really solid payout.

There is a widespread strategy among players who tend to choose slots featuring a progressive jackpot. They play all paylines on a particular machine when the jackpot reaches a value considered higher than its average. According to a popular belief, the larger the jackpot is, the more likely it is to be won. Although this strategy may be useful, the situation with the boiling-point jackpot is a bit different.

The boiling-point jackpots give you a better idea when the jackpot is to be triggered and each of the five prizes has a corresponding meter. This enables the player to improve their odds when they notice a jackpot is approaching its boiling point.

The growing demand for innovative, high-quality slots led to the necessity of creating games that ensure both entertainment and generous payouts for the player. The boiling-point jackpots fall into this category and more providers are expected to adopt them.